Visit Hilton Head Island in the Fall

Relax on Hilton Head Island

Fall is one of the best times to visit Hilton Head Island due to spectacular sunrises, fewer crowds, and cooler temperatures. The weather cools off just enough to not be too hot or humid so that outdoor activities such as biking or birdwatching are more enjoyable. A fall vacation to Hilton Head Island is perfect if you’re looking to relax and spend more time away from the crowds this year.


Extend Your Fall Getaway 

We invite you to take a fall vacation on Navarre Beach. While staying with us, you can enjoy the many fun and relaxing activities of Santa Rosa Island. Fall is truly a special time of year to spend your days on Navarre Beach.


Fun Things to Do on Hilton Head Island this Fall

Whether you plan to watch a sunrise, enjoy fresh seafood, or spend time in nature, Hilton Head Island is the ideal destination for those looking to vacation this fall.


Watch the Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean

Hilton Head beaches face East, which means the sun floats up above the ocean as it is rises on the horizon. The sunrises on Hilton Head Island are truly some of the most spectacular in the southeast. A morning walk on the beach is the perfect time to see the sunrise, however, our oceanfront rentals give you the opportunity to see the sunrise right from your home!


Enjoy the Season of Fresh Seafood

Did you know that fall is seen by many as the best season for fresh seafood? While Hilton is known as a seafood haven year-round, fall marks the start of the beloved oyster season that lasts through the winter. World-class fresh oysters can be enjoyed at many local restaurants and raw bars, as well as bought in bulk at various local seafood markets. Many of our vacation rentals have large kitchens perfect for cooking family meals.


Spend Time Birdwatching 

Hilton Head is a beautiful destination that attracts birdwatching enthusiasts from across the country. During the fall, birds migrate south and spend time on the island during their journey. There are over 200 different species of birds that call the island home including blue herons, egrets, ospreys, gulls, and woodpeckers. Our top choice for the best birdwatching on Hilton Head is the Sea Pines Forest Preserve which is conveniently located near our Sea Pines vacation rentals.


Virtual School and Remote Work on Hilton Head Island

With many schools going virtual and workplaces going remote this fall, there are new vacation opportunities for many families. have this opens up unique opportunities to take a fall vacation to Hilton Head that would normally not be feasible. Our curated selection of vacation rentals have high-speed internet and plenty of room for your family to spread out so everyone has the space they need to work, learn, and play.

Whether you choose to work remotely indoors or by your vacation rental's private pool, we invite you to spend a week this fall on Hilton Head Island!